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DanTrix is a one of a kind, one stop shop for all your computer needs. In home computer education, repairs, custom builds, and much more at a very affordable price. Everything I offer is tailored to fit each individual and what it is they want on a personal level rarely seen in businesses today. So many exciting things await you and I'm truly looking forward to helping you learn just how easy it really is.

  • Custom education

    Customized computer education tailored for you.

    New to computers? Afraid of what you don't understand? More people fall into that group than you might think.

    Already a savvy computer user, but in need to better learn a new program, or just want to know how to stay in touch with your loved ones in the digital age? Believe it or not, that's one lesson away. 

    *See much more from the "Services" page!

  • Custom computers

    Want a computer that fits you and your needs?

    The least profitable job for a tech, but to me, very rewarding. Whether or not it's just consulting or you and I actually build your dream machine, anything is possible. Your preference is my profession.

    *See much more from the "Services" page!

  • Custom support 

    24/7 one on one support.

    Talk to an actual person, not a machine. No menus to navigate. A personable experience every time.

  • Many support options are available to better suit your support needs. No more paying for high priced support contracts for things you don't use.

    *See much more from the "Services" page!

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